Uber hottie Darius Ferdynand fucks Billy Santoro (Hot House)

Darius-Ferdynand-Billy-Santoro-HotHouse-gay 1
HotHouse.com writes: “Darius Ferdynand has blue balls! At least that’s the diagnosis from Dr. Billy Santoro who happens to have the perfect remedy. He strips naked in the exam room and helps the patient out of his shorts, revealing Darius’ huge uncut cock and balls.

Santoro bends over to administer phase one of the treatment: a juicy, deep-throat blow job. He swallows every inch of Darius’ perfect prick, paying close attention to his smooth, golf-ball sized nuts. Just before bringing his patient to orgasm Dr. Santoro advances to phase two of his unorthodox procedure. He mounts Darius and shoves his rock-hard cock up his ass.”
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