Morning Musings: Johnny Angel (Randy Blue) and Dawson Riley, Eddie Diaz, Sean Everett, Lucky Daniels, Nick Hurly

Johnny Angel of Randy Blue pretty much sums up this post. Sunday mornings are for the finer things and really what kind be finer than Johnny Angel? Exactly. With all the porn star comebacks, I really wish he would come back or at the very least increase his work at Randy Blue, where he has not been featured enough. After the jump video and pictures of Johnny Angel with Dawson Riley, Eddie Diaz, Sean Everett, Lucky Daniels , Nick Hurly and more.

Johnny Angel and Dawson Riley
get lovingly distracted before an evening out.

Johnny Angel and Eddie Diaz and a hot as hell interracial flip flop fuck scene.

There are scenes and than there are scenes. Here Johnny Angel is pounded by Nick Hurly and Johnny Angel leaves no doubt he is lovin every inch and minute of it.

Johnny Angel shines as he sexes it up in a hot three way with Sean Everett and Gavin Tate

Johnny Angel and Lucky Daniels
passionate sexy gay sex romp showcases the great and fun personalities of these two stunners.

Johnny Angels original photo shoot at Randy Blue. It would be nice if he worked out at my gym.

Johnny Angel Behind the Scenes at Randy Blue

My Original BITS Video of Johnny Angel

* More Johnny Angel
* More Randy Blue

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