Sean Duran has a shower douche, enjoys the beach, competed for Mr. Florida and 7 other things you must know about him!

Sean Duran 1
1. Sean Duran was born in North Carolina, USA
Sean Duran ass shot
2. This hot star lives in Fort Lauderdale
Sean Duran Mr Florida
3. Competed with other porn stars in the Mr. Florida contest
Sean Duran bottoms

4. He bottoms &
He tops…..he is versatile.
Sean Duran Sailor Moon
5. He has what appears to be Sailor Moon tatoo on his hand
Sean Duran beach
6. He likes to tan at the beach
Sean Duran Jimmy Fanz
7. He knows Jimmy Fanz; knows him very well.
8. He has a shower douche.
Sean Duran Twitter
9. He posts hot selfies on his Twitter feed
Sean Duran 3
10. He has at least 16 tattoos
Sean Duran

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