Rock This! Angel Rock tops Sean Duran (Hot House)

Hot House Gay Porn 1
If I had more experiences like this, I think I would go to the Doc for every hang nail, headache and hiccup. As described by Hot House: Sean Duran visits HH General expecting a follow-up exam from Dr. Billy Santoro so when Dr. Angel Rock comes in he’s a bit agitated. All of Duran’s fears that Dr. Rock won’t prescribe the right treatment are extinguished when the horny doctor goes straight for his cock and swallows it to the base. Dr. Rock shoves his gloved finger into the muscular patient’s tight hole and massages his prostate then stands up to feed Duran his thick uncut cock. Duran pays special attention to Rock’s foreskin then opens wide to take every inch of the hot doctor-dick. The twisted exam continues as Dr. Rock orders Duran to bend over the exam table so he can fuck his huge ass. Rock shoves all 8+ inches into the stud’s hole and pounds him hard. Duran rolls over on his back and strokes a load out of his own big cock followed by Dr. Rock who jerks his meat and blows all over the handsome patient’s washboard abs.
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