Ricky Roman works the go go boy pole, Eli Lewis gets fucked, Allen King has a new gig, Cockyboys in the tub & more: the week on Instagram

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Allen King promotes his joining Cockyboys as an exclusive

Speaking of Cockyboys, Eli Lewis teases his coming up scene

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Go Go Boy Ricky Roman

Brandon Jones and boyfriend get romantic

Tommy Defendi and Deviant Otter

Such an incredible shoot for @papermagazine thanks @askmrmickey and @thefacinator !!:)

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Rub, a dub dub, Tayte Hanson, Levi Karter and Liam Riley in a tub.

Great evening with great friends @cloganstudios @ornashulman #dinnerparty #NYC #friends #home

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Apparent evidence that at least two people don’t hate Michael Lucas

Justin Dean and Anthony Verusso on the set of an apparent Gilligan’s Ilsand parody.

Andrew Christian models at the White Party in Palm Springs

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Seth Fornea and boyfriend have a breakfast snack

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Sean Duran posts a video