Ricky Roman twerks, Brandon Wilde’s incredible ass pic, Eli Lewis bottoms out in Vegas, Allen King smoking, Ken Ott hangs with Wonder Woman & more: the week on Instagram

Brandon Wilde is in Caribean shooting porn and hanging out with Brent Everett

Where this pic was taken

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Allen King is smokin hot

Flex Xtremmo in some way hot sauno promo

Brandon Jones takes a bath

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Ricky Roman doing what I believe would be called twerking

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Dylan Knight posting pics of his “babe” – wasn’t his “babe” Brandon Wilde last month?

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Peter Fever and Dominico Pacifico in the DJ booth

Casey Everett rocking leggings and showing his hot ass

Eli Lewis is in Las Vegas shooting a porn scene with Sean Duran

And with Owen Michaels

And I guess Austin Keyes as well

Ken Ott attended Gay Pride in Phoenix with Wonder Woman

And while bored played his guitar and looked really cute doing it.

Theo Ford models underwear