Oh Daddy! Nick Capra fucks Colton Grey is some hot Daddy/Son action at Icon Male


Nick Capra Colton Grey Icon Male 1
I’m really liking this new website Icon Male. I’m really liking this Daddy/Son scene they just put up between the always ready Nick Capra and the uber sexy Colton Grey. The studios description is below:
Nick Capra Colton Grey Icon Male 2
“Nick Capra passes his former student, Colton Grey, as he’s driving down the road. Colton is hitchhiking into town, looking for work, because his dad got evicted from his house. Nick can’t resist Colton’s puppy dog eyes and he lets the boy stay in his guest room while he gets back on his feet.
Nick takes Colton’s thick man meat into his mouth. Then Nick fucks Colton hard on the bed, shoving him into the mattress. The two guys finish in a screaming orgasm, and while Nick sleeps it off, Colton sneaks out.”
Nick Capra Colton Grey Icon Male 3
Nick starts talking about how in the school days he wasn’t able to talk to Colton about his feelings for ethical reasons. Colton is confused by what Nick is saying, until his former teacher leans in a starts kissing him, promising him a place to stay if he cooperates.

Nick and Colton start making out, and Nick pushes the smaller boy down on the guest room bed. The guys start taking off their clothes and Nick starts playing with Colton’s nipple and kissing down his chest. He sucks on the boys toes while his raging boner presses against his jeans.
Nick Capra Colton Grey Icon Male 4
Nick Capra Colton Grey Icon Male 5