News (& Stuff) You Can’t Use (and probably won’t find interesting)

Ah, nothing says Christmas like a leather bound Santa Helper.
Nothing can mess up the harmony of a good old fashion gang bang like the clang of the chains coming from a sling. Now, with this “Rock Steady Stand Pro Fucker Kit” from the age old problem has been solved. Patent that bitches and it’s easy street.
Guys Reading
Talk about micro-targeting there is a blog just of hot guys reading while nude and letting it all hang out. I hate to be a bitch, but I can think of like a bunch of……..that will never be on that site. Just sayin. BTW, its called (God, I hope I spell checked this)
Honestly I just don’t understand why the hell Jimmy Fanz is in this room.
This pic is just totally hot.
So is this pic
HOLD THE LOAD PORNSTARS! BONUS THE CUMSHOT STUDIOS! This pics illustrates a complaint we porn connoisseurs often have. We want cumshots scenes like this. We connoisseurs see ads for special membership pricing and hear pornstars say I worked with X or Y. That tells us something. I say you shoot a geyser we up your rate 10%. You fill a tablespoon well, we reduce your rate 10%.
This guy, Rico Mee, is like crazy hot.

3 Things I Think I Think this Week
1. I’m already totally over Tom Daley and Duncan Lance Bass stories.
2. I’m finding the super chipper blogger Davey Wavey super annoying.
3. Roman Heart must be in the witness protection program.

How, how did I go all this while not knowing about underwear model, actor, etc Pablo Hernandez? How? I’m not making that mistake again. His Google image search is a treasure trove of you know what material.
Seriously, Austin Wilde has a twitter account, not only for himself, but for his dog Tank! AND the fuckin dog has more twitter followers than ME! Now, in my own defense, I’ve not been working or on twitter much – and I’m also pretty sure my dog Turbo could kick Tank’s ass.Twitter