Morning Musings: Leo Forte and Drew Cutler dating, Lane Fuller Comeback, Is Freddie Smith SOAPS designated Gay Guy?

Today’s Eye Candy is from the Ruskin summer swimwear photo shoot by Rick Day. I so should have a been a photographer. BTW, I was kinda in a rush with this post so excuse the edits.

Leo Forte is someone I stalk follow on Facebook and he recently updated his Facebook status to “in a relationship” and the lucky guy that gets to tap that ass date him is none other than Drew Cutler. Best of luck to you both. Leo, BTW, my email is, just in case you want to cheat on him talk.

Leo Forte and Drew Cutler interview

Lane Fuller please Comeback. Everyone Else is.

Last week both Trent Atkins and Casey Williams came out of retirement to earn some money cause this economy still kinda sucks resume their porn careers and please their fans. Which got to me to thinking between bong hits that Lane Fuller is someone that needs to come out of retirement also. This stunning blond bottom boy of the late 1990’s and early 2000’s with Falcon is someone I totally want to beat off to again see again.

Freddie Smith is more gay on the way?

Is uber sexy Freddie Smith going to be doing double duty playing gay (working assumptions is he is straight)? Freddie Smith, this year originated the role of Marco, the love interest of Teddy on the new Beverly Hills 90210 – a show that totally blows but has hot guys. I never miss an episode. Ever. Now comes word he has signed a contract with Days of our Lives, the venerable NBC daytime soap and he is rumored to be playing the love interest of Will Horton. Will’s gay, he just doesn’t know it yet. Its a SOAP that is all you really need to know. If Freddie Smith is going to spend his days messing around with Chandler Massey only to drive across town and spend the rest of the day messing around with Trevor Donovan, I’m going to be sooooooo jealous.

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