Morning Musings: Erik Rhodes, Cody Cummings, Trystan Bull, Alexy Tyler and the Circumcision Debate & More

Christopher Fawcett runway pics by Rick Day
are some fine Tuesday morning eye candy indeed.

First Pics of the Erik Rhodes post-Circumcision

Have you been following the anti-circumcision campaign that got on the ballot in San Francisco? I don’t know how I feel about this. On one hand (that’s kinda a pun) I don’t feel that my circumcised penis has really negatively impacted my life in any way. In fact growing up in a small midwest town everybody in gym class was also. To be honest my first gay experience with an uncut guy was a little strange for me. Maybe that had something to do with being in 5th grade also.

I do know that never in my life is this something I thought I could be voting on. I’m looking forward to the campaign commercials though – on both sides. I hope there is a lot of them. Perhaps there will be negative ads. This could be fun. And the argument that each boy when they grow up should be able to make this choice – just screams to me: Ouch! Maybe Erik Rhodes, he just had an adult circumcision, could shed some light on the subject. Erik Rhodes just had the procedure. Ouch. Here he is at Falcon before.

Comparison with the cut Cody Cummings & un-cut Trystan Bull

Cody Cummings cut gallery.

Trystan Bull with Alexy TylerTrystan Bull is uncut and Alexy Tyler is a bottom.
Trystan Bull and Alexy Tyler Gallery

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