Morning Musings: Andrew Jakk a hot newcommer, Summer Swimsuits and Logan McCree has something to say

Porn newcomer Andrew Jakk sure makes a great first impression. First of many me hopes. He is the bottom in his debut scene to the likes of uber hot studs Austin Wilde and Johnny Torque in a new scene from and I’m lovin it. So will you. Welcome to scene Andrew! Yummy.

Summer Time

Here in southern California the swimsuit season is pretty nice and if I can’t see these two studs on the beach, I hope to see those just like em. Priape is featuring these two models in the launch of their new summer swimsuit line.

Logan McCree is NOT straight!

Recently, Logan McCree took a little umbrage to a blog posting that he has a girlfriend and wants to set the record straight (pun intended) that he is indeed
not straight. Who can blame him? What terrible slander. Not that anything is wrong with being straight. Besides of course destroying America and burning in hell for all eternity.