Mike de Marko had a girlfriend, was a member of frat, likes to jog & 7 other things you need to know about him!

Mike de Marko versatile
# 1: While is versatile on screen, he prefers to bottom
Mike de Marko ass
# 2: He shags his hot ass to Beverly Hills real estate brokerage firm for his day job
# 3: Went to University of Southern California
# 4: He posts hot pictures on his Instagram
Mike de Marko phone
# 5: At 18 he had a girlfriend and secretly applied to model for Sean Cody
Mike de Marko cums
# 6: Come each December 22nd, this Capricorn celebrates his birthday. He is 28, having been born in 1886.
# 7: He is a Hookie award nominee
Mike de Marko frat 2
# 8: He was a Frat Boy in college
M and Shawn Wolfe
# 9: He lives where the traffic is bumper to bumper: Los Angeles
#10: He is a runner and you can follow him on Twitter