Marco Rubi bottoms for suit wearing newbie Misha Dante who is seriously going to have a dry cleaning bill (Screen Test from Men at Play)

Misah Dante Marco Rubi Men at Play aa
Caution: these guys are beautiful. I’m thinking Dante’s Inferno maybe where they came up with the name of newcomer Misha Dante as he is hot. And Marco Rubi is simply one of the most stunning guys around. Yum. So they get paired up in this scene from Men at Play and who knew that one guy, the top Misha, keeping his suit on could be so sexy. Did I say Marco Rubi is stunning already- he is smoldering as the bottom and totally explodes all over Misha’s suit. Next outing Misha will no better.

Misha Dante Marco Rubi Screen Test 1
Misha Dante Marco Rubi Screen Test 2
Misha Dante Marco Rubi Screen Test  3