Cauke for President volunteer Luke Adams takes the real thing from Adam Ramzi and swallows his cum

I’ve documented here before how adorable Luke Adams is. It’s a fact. And Adam Ramzi, he gots some adorbs game too. Now Titan Men has these two paired in a new scene that they describe:
Adam Ramzi Luke Adams TitanMen 1
Adam Ramzi Luke Adams TitanMen 2
“I’ll do anything for the senator,” says volunteer Luke Adams, going door to door looking for votes. He’s greeted by Adam Ramzi wearing nothing but a towel, his throbber soon catching Adams’ attention. “Suck it,” says Ramzi, who face fucks the stud. The verbal alpha sucks the smooth stud back, the steel shaft deep inside the tattooed hunk’s bearded lips.
Ramzi eats out Adams’ smooth hole, then plows him from behind. Adams sits on the top, who pumps him from below (“So deep in your ass! Good boy…ride it!”). Adams’ steel shaft bounces as he rides, the two passionately kissing before the bottom squirts.
Ramzi licks the bottom’s load up, then squirts on his face. “Can I count on your vote”, says Luke looking up with cum dripping form his chin. “Oh, sorry I’m from Canada, I can’t vote”, says Adam as he licks his cum from Luke’s chin.”
Adam Ramzi Luke Adams TitanMen 3
Adam Ramzi Luke Adams TitanMen 4
Adam Ramzi Luke Adams TitanMen 5