Justin Owen lost his anal cherry at 18, likes Star Wars, can squat 225 lbs, ran cross country and 6 other things you need to know about him.

Justin Owen 4
Popular Randy Blue model Justin Owen has one of the hottest asses in gay porn. You know that.
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In addition to that amazing hot ass, here are 10 things you need to know
Justin Owen
#1: Considers himself bisexual.
Justin-Owen kissing Austin Wolf
#2: Found scene partner Austin Wolf to be a good kisser.
Justin Owen 3
#3: Lost his anal cherry at 18 to a guy he met while traveling.
Justin Owen sucking
#4: As of July 2014 he had a girlfriend that knew of his gay porn and finds it hot.
Diego Sans and Justin Owen
#5: Cited Diego Sans as a scene partner he really liked. And hit the gym with.
Justin Owen gym
#6: Likes to hit the gym. Can squat 225.
Justin Owen fucked
#7: He started in porn not being fucked by guys but fucking girls.
Justin Owen 10
#8: Ran cross country in high school.
Justin Owen fleshjack
#9: Was amazed at how good Fleshjack is.
Justin Owen 1
#10: This big star is a Star Wars fan.