Johnny Rapid’s 107 Scenes – mostly being fucked – summarized in 15 GIF’s


So it was less than a year ago (December) that we profiled the uber popular exclusive Johnny Rapid and his grand total of scenes – most of which he got fucked in – was 77. Then this May we profiled his 100th scene – talk about a busy spring. Now just a few short months later the number of scenes as of this date, September 3, 2014 is up to 1-0-fucking-7! That is right. So here is my unofficial breakdown of his scenes:
1. 127 times fucked in 107 scenes.
2. 75 different guys – cocks – he has taken in his ass in 107 scenes.

Busy boy. Popular boy. What will the next 3 years bring. Insert your own joke here.

alencar rapid

JR 4

JR 2

Johny Rapid 2

Johnny Rapid 15

Johnny Rapid 14

Johnny Rapid 13

Johnny Rapid 11

Johnny Rapid 10

Johnny Rapid 9

Johnny Rapid 8

Johnny Rapid 7

Johnny Rapid 6

Johnny Rapid 4

Johnny Rapid 1

Johnny Rapid 1 (2)