Johan Paulik, Danny Saradon, Jason Paradis, Lukas Ridgeston, Tim Hamilton (Vintage Bel Ami)

Tim Hamilton

The great thing about Bel Ami and their website is the sure volume, inventory if you will of hot hot hot guys. Did I say hot guys? Yes, I did. You see Bel Ami was established in 1993, so they got a lot in the gay porn vault so to speak. Lukas Ridgeston and Johan Paulik were two of their break out porn stars in the 1990’s and I am featuring them here. Later came fashion model turned porn star Jason Paradis, the sexy Danny Saradon and angelic (not in real life I’ve heard) Tim Hamilton. Check more of them out after the jump and much more of all of them at

Johan Paulik

Lukas Ridgeston

Danny Saradon

Jason Paradis


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