The 5 Falcon fuckings Jimmy Fanz has received (so far)

Jimmy Fanz Paddy Obrain 1 My obsession love for all things Jimmy Fanz holds no bounds. Last week, when I started my new feature The Friday Five, it featured Jimmy’s fine ass. And what a fine ass it is – never more so when it is being fucked. So here are the five bottoms scenes of Jimmy Fanz at Falcon Studios. Above, Paddy O’Brian fucks him in Summer Lust. The other four below. Jimmy Fanz Christian Wilde 1
Jimmy Fanz Christian Wilde 2

Christian Wilde fucks Jimmy in Open Road.
Jimmy Fanz Tucker Phillman 1
Jimmy Fanz Tucker Phillman 2
Jimmy bottoms for Tucker Phillman in Knockouts and Takedowns
Jimmy Fanz Evan Mercy 1
Jimmy Fanz Evan Mercy 2
Also in Knockouts and Takedowns, Evan Mercy gives Jimmy a ringside seat.
Jimmy Fanz Donny Wright 1
Jimmy Fanz Donny Wright 2
And finally, in his 5th (so far) bottom scene Donny Wright fucks Jimmy Fanz in Smoldering Hot.