Jesse Santana fucked by Colby Keller and Dakota Rivers in INDISCRETION (Falcon)

There really may not be a more sexy and popular gay pornstar than Jesse Santana. Dakota Rivers cannot resist the on the bed and naked Jesse Santana (he’s only human) in one of the scenes that cover boy Jesse Santana appears in Indiscretion from Falcon Studios. This scene is romantic and intense as these two act like real lovers in this scene with heavy and deep kissing, oral followed by Jesse Santana being fucked by Dakota Rivers. Jesse Santana looking back lovingly at Dakota Rivers from his dog style fuck is only exceeded by the deep soul fuck he takes from the missionary position.  I’m tellin you, this is hot! Jesse Santana also appears in a wild three way with Colby Keller and Dylan Roberts. Both Jesse Santana shows his versatile talents here as both he and Colby Keller fuck Dylan Roberts and Colby Keller fucks them both – and throws a very intense and hard pounding into Jesse Santana. Tom Wolfe fucks Dakota Rivers and Landon Conrad fucks Christoper Daniels in Indiscretion as well, all of which are online at now.  Many more pictures after the jump.

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