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This is kinda the editing room floor blog post. Where I post about about the stuff that didn’t seem to fit into the nice,  clear orderly world that is gay porn. You know what I mean? Or the stuff, or the pictures, or the random crap I found hot, or amusing, or had a chuckle at, or didn’t quite fit the mission of my blog, or quite frankly wouldn’t  fill up a separate blog post. I mean, really, I got other stuff to do.

And the world would not have been the same: Jeff Stryker talks about how he might not have been a gay porn star.

My dream Husband in his T-Shirt

Happy Easter to my Christian bitches readers

The Pit Stop before becoming part of my Vintage Gay Porn Posts

Because I continue to obsessed with Micah Brant. In a good way :)

I gotta tell ya, this is the kinda stuff that pisses me off. I just got done writing a pretty extensive post on Tate Ryder. I mean this week. I thought it was going to be the definite piece on Tate – until the comeback of course. And now he an the ex – Trenton Ducati – are tweetering all kinds of mix signals on the twitter machine. Are we being played?

Jimmy Fanz at Randy Blue