Morning Musings: Jake Steel, Anthony Romero and Austin Wilde, Chris Porter and Samul Colt, Tory Mason, Jayden Grey Behind the Scenes (Facebook)

Today’s hot eye candy, Jake Steel was headed to popular Scottsdale bar BS West. Love that place. Been there a lot. 2 for 1 Wednesday is jammed packed with ASU boys. Yummy.

More behind the scenes into the private lives (or at least the stuff they post on Facebook) of red hot porn stars and hot guys after the jump.

Anthony Romero says he hates getting up at 5AM. Considering his bed partner being Austin Wilde who can blame him?

New art from Chris Porter with boyfriend Samuel Colt. I assume this private at home stuff. I think these guys need bedroom cam.

Guy Tang is gay. Really he is. No word on whether his dog MiMi — here on their walk down Rodeo Drive is though. Stay tuned.

Jared Tyler aka Jayden Grey has signed with a mainstream company. Good for him. His post porn career is off to a good start.

Tory Mason post something damnit. I hate the silent treatment.

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