It’s Official: A lucky guy has been diving into Tom Daley’s platform since spring!

So I woke up to the news that Tom Daley had come out of the closet. It was news all the fuck over the place. My first reaction was, who is Tom Daley and why should I care? Now I understand he was a quasi gay icon from the 2012 Olympics in his hometown of London. As to the other part of my question: I don’t care, but I got this blog to fill so our crack team at Boys in the Sand World Headquarters having been chasing this story all day like good pool boys. The essential facts are these: 1. Nobody is surprised. 2. He starting dating a guy in the spring that prompted his coming out on a You Tube video. 3. He has a reality show in the UK (of course he does).

What is not confirmed at this hour: 1. He is dating Austin Wilde. 2. He signed a promotion deal with Penetration Pentair Pool Pumps. 3. If Chris Mears will be making a You Tube video soon.


Tom Daley w friend
With Sofia Lee the “best friend” & reality show co-star

Tom Daley bc 1
Tom Daley bc 2
Tom Daley b
Tom Daley a
Tom Daley c