Gay Porn News: Hoyt Kogan, Micah Brandt, Eli Lewis, Cody Cummings, Pierre Fitch, Ken Ott, Brent Corrigan & more

Colt Rivers Lucas Knight Cody Cummings cum facial
Good Lord! From the “enough already department” we are suppose to be excited that Cody Cummings is taking his first cum facial. From Colt Rivers and Lucas Knight. Nice goggles.  What a douche.

Micah Brandt cums in a shot glass and drinks his own cum! Hoyt-Kogan-Claude-Sorel-BelAmi-First Anal scene Sexy all that Hoyt Kogan does his first anal scene as he fucks Claude Sorel at Bel Ami. Bel Ami private gym gay prague And speaking of Bel Ami, they apprarently have opened a private gym in Prague where they will be filming a reality show among other things. Hmmm. Pierre Fitch Falcon

Pierre Fitch, who has been around for 13 years (but it seems like 50) in gay porn returns to Falcon after a 10 year hiatus frm the studio. Brent Corrigan fucks him. Release TBD.

sAdam-Herst fucsk -Andres-Moreno-Luke-Alexander-daddy men

 I’m sorry but – and understand and I find the whole Daddy/Son stuff for the most part hot – but is Adam Herst not fucking creepy in this scene, where he tops Andres Moreno and Luke Alexander?now word he is getting out early.

Eli Lewis is hitting the gym all hours of the day and looking fucking great!

Ken Ott catches some Arizona sun