Gay News: Bryan Singer, Brent Corrigan, Marc Dylan, Logan Vaughn, Jimmy Fanz, Tommy Defendi, Chris Harder & Colby Melvin

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Singer parties
** Bryan Singer, the X-Men director is being sued for sexual abuse of a 17 year old minor some 15 years ago. Singer, a youthful looking 40 something has been known to throw some pretty wild LA parties usually featuring a swimming pool full of twinks. And has made news for his alledged dating of Jess of Sean Cody. If true, this later item makes him guilty of good taste.
Dylan Bed
** Marc Dylan got a new bed. He looked less than thrilled. Maybe cause it looks to be a twin bed and I don’t see how that is going to work.
Brent Corrigan
** Brent Corrigan has launched a new tumblr site called Dad’s n Sons. This could be interesting.
** Logan Vaughn and Jimmy Fanz looking hot at Miami Pride.
** Mike Dozer’s very serious have only gotten worse. Wow!
Uber popular underwear model Colby Melvin has broken up with fiancee. He’s single guys.
How cool is this? Finland has issued a Tom of Finland stamp and next month, in honor of Harvey Milk Day, the White House will issue a forever stamp in on honor of Harvey Milk.

** Tommy Defendi and Chris Harder workout at Fort Troff, where even hotter Vines appear.