Falcon Studios Update: Ryan Rose, Zack Randall, Boomer Banks, Brian Bonds, Brock Avery, Colt Rivers, David Benjamin and Nikko Russio

If anything after 40 years of gay porn, Falcon Studios is getting better! In just the recent few weeks they have released multiple scenes featuring guys that well, are perfect – Falcon perfect!.

Falcon Studios Ryan-Rose-Zack-Randall-Falcon-

Falcon popular exclusive Ryan Rose fucks Zack Randall in Naughty Pine…..Zack shows he can suck his own cock in this scene.
Falcon Studios Brian-Bonds-David-Benjamin-Falcon-
Dayummmmm! Holy hottie flip flop here as Brian Bonds and David Benjamin have at each other in Crave.
Falcon Studios Colt-Rivers-Nikko-Russo-Falcon
Colt Rivers takes an incredible pounding from Nikko Russo in Easy Inn
Falcon Studios Boomer-Banks-Brock-Avery-Falcon-
Brock rides the Boomer or more specifically Boomer Banks give Brock Avery and incredible ride in another scene from Crave.