Dominic Pacifico, Alexsander Freitas, Spencer Reed in ADRENALINE best Three Way (Grabby’s 2011)

Dominic Pacifico, Alexsander Freitas and Spencer Reed in the hottest three way of last year named Adrenaline from Falcon. So hot in fact it won the 2011 Grabby Award for hottest three way. Indeed it is, as in this scene where Dominic Pacifico (yet, another of my personal favs) is the DJ at a gay club and he gets the attention of top studs Alexsander Freitas and Spencer Reed who take their turns pounding his hot ass, but not before some erotic kissing, rimming and amazing body contact. Dominic Pacifico gives each a turn riding his hot smooth, latin ass while he services them both. The folks at the Grabby’s made the right choice it is the best Three Way.

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