Stunning! Gabriel Clark fucks Darius Ferdynand at Cockyboys

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It’s hard to argue with Cockyboys description of their latest scene: There couldn’t be a better pairing than Gabriel Clark and Darius Ferdynand — it was just a matter of time before these two gorgeous hunks met up and fucked! Gabriel’s known for being a charming yet brutal top, and Darius has the textbook definition of a perfect body. Together, they’re like two unstoppable Greek gods playing off each other’s strengths!
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And they were both really, really into each other. Gabriel hooked in Darius from the get go, asking him if he’s a top or a bottom (he’s vers) and if his boyfriend cares that he’s a porn star (he doesn’t). That quickly led to some hot kissing, mutual sucking, and then Gabriel fucking Darius in every which way until they were both moaning.

Another thing the guys have in common is their gorgeous uncut cocks. Gabriel jerked Darius to climax while Darius was sitting on his cock, and Gabriel climaxed with his dick inside Darius’ mouth. A job well done, boys!

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