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Brett Swanson is one of my all time favorite porn stars. As I’ve discussed his look continues to evolve from twink to young man, but he simply remains amazing from his first day at Randy Blue to his latest scene with the venerable website. A scene that they describe: Brett Swanson was going to be arriving late due to a plane delay. So when he got here, we were all ready to go. There was no time for a meet and greet. The cameras rolled and Brett basically had to walk on set ready to fuck without ever even meeting his partner Greg Jameson. Luckily, Brett was greeted to a hot straight stud with a long hard cock. Let the hard porn video fucking begin. Brett stripped down to a jock strap. Sometimes, it is better for the two scene partners to never meet beforehand. The excitement and initial attraction makes the chemistry electric. These two wanted to make the best gay porn videos they could make. And after a bunch of sucking and rimming, Greg finally slipped his dick inside Brett. Greg likes to fuck like a jack rabbit and Brett loved every inch of that long cock sliding in and out of his hole. Finally Brett started to quiver, and his college jock muscles began to twitch. He had the cum fucked out of him and he shot all over the mirrored wall. Greg followed suit. After they were done, the kissed passionately. Maybe now they can get to know each other.
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