I’m blonde and I got a great Ass!

Kevin Williams falcon legend

When you have been around since 1971 like the venerable Falcon Studios you got some game. They have had countless pornsters come and go and come back again. But there are some that go and remember long after they are gone. So today on this installment of the The Friday Five – I am ranking the 5 best Falcon Studios Blond Bottoms. (For now. I can be wishy washy and maybe on deadline again.) Oh, and the rule for this post – they are no longer filming.  So be sure to check out my Vintage Gay Porn features, as most of these guys are profiled more extensively.
Steve Fox bottom Falcon
#5: Steve Fox
Derek Cameron
#4: I’m going for the tie here. Derek Cameron and his tie partner have been listed as blonde and more of brown haired guy. My previous Derek profile here.

Chad Knight
#4 Tie with Chad Knight. Another star I’ve profiled extensively.
Jeremy Jordan bottom Falcon
Jeremy Jordan
#3 Jeremy Jordan more here
Christian Fox
#2 Christian Fox (tie)  Again with the tie here. Maybe its the question on the blond credibility or me being well, me.  I love a lot of them.  At this point I’m not sure any of them – except #1.

Tommy Brandt
#2 Tommy Brandt (tie)
Kurt Marshall
#2 Kurt Marshall (tie)
Matthew Anders falcon
#2 Matthew Anders (tie)
Kevin Williams
Ok, I could go on and I will really have to give more thought, study and maybe some research dollars to this post, butt (no pun intented) #1 is easy: Kevin Williams. Perhaps one of the most iconic stars of all time. I have posted about him several times before. So in demand he made a comeback over a decade after his initial scenes.  He is clearly their best blonde bottom of all time and most likely the industries.  I could change my rankings on the others, but, not ironically the bottom at the top of them.
Kevin Williams bottms 1
Kevin Williams bottoms Falcon
Kevin Williams fisted
Kevin Williams falcon legend