Beefy Jessy Ares fucks Gabriel Vanderloo on a pool table (Men at Play)

Jessy-Ares-Gabriel-Vanderloo-Men at Play gay sex 1 writes: “A game of billiards is the perfect excuse to get a good eye full of a man’s suited ass!! All that bending over the table, lining up your cue and stretching forward really puts your behind on full display.

No surprise then that in a game between Jessy Ares and Gabriel Vanderloo, Gabriel can’t keep his eye on the ball cause that meaty full butt of Jessy’s is just too big a distraction. To even the odds up a little Gabriel tries to flirt with and distract Jessy making him mess up his aim.”
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“But his aim becomes very focused when he aggressively tops Gabriel. First he has him blow his cock then yanking on Gabriel’s tie between his legs Jessy pulls Gabriel’s face in hard between his butt cheeks to service his hole with his tongue.

Spreading him there right on top of the pool table Jessy aims his own thick hard cue stick right down deep in to Gabriel’s hole, wrapping his huge biceps around the young Spaniards neck and ramming him till he cums.”
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