Beefy bottom Marc Dylan bottoms for Trenton Ducati (Hot House: High Voltage)

Marc Dylan Trentn Ducati Hot House 1 writes: “Trenton Ducati and Marc Dylan belly up to each other and kiss. The sexual charge between the two studs is positive and immediate. Marc jerks Trenton’s cock and then sucks on it excitedly. Increasingly stimulated, Trenton rips Marc’s boxers off and begins to rim his ass, slapping his ass as he tongue-fucks the hole.

Chills race up and down Marc’s spine as he feels his cock, balls and ass used as an electric field for Trenton’s tongue to explore. The men begin fucking, first doggie-style and then with Marc lying on his back. He wiggles with pleasure, stretching his legs wide apart to entice his partner to plug him up even more.

Ready to blow their fuses, they stroke their rods furiously. Trenton stands over his buddy and cums all over him. And Marc quickly follows suit, shooting his wad across his stomach. Spent and exhausted, they kiss a bit before Trenton licks the sweat and spooge off Marc’s abs and cock.”
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